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TiA - Transport Interactive Assistant, works on any Freight ERP

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TiA  empowers Freight Forwarders with the power of voice automation in tandem with a single, real-time collaborative platform that connects all freight stakeholders.




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TiA - Software automation for Transport ERPs

FAST - Freight Aggregation Software for Trucking

Developed for freight forwarders and couriers, FAST enables plug-and-play features that help to manage your transport operations.

DASH - Delivery Management Software Hub

DASH helps delivery fleet owners in the distribution and manufacturing sectors to automate their end-to-end delivery operations in real time.

TAME - Trucking Automation Management ERP

Designed for shippers and transporters, TAME eliminates tech siloes by enabling the management of all stakeholders in single window.

All our ERPs work with TiA.

TiA also integrates as standalone Intelligent Virtual Assistant on your existing ERP

Kinderhotel Aschauerhof

Artificial Intelligence driven SaaS platform providing Uberization to freight forwarders

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Communication channels in the logistics and supply chain industry are known to be chaotic and fragmented. Most logistics tasks and processes in are mundane and repetitive – yet crucial to success. It’s these organizations that stand the most to benefit the most from digitization. RPA, machine learning and automation are helping early adopters to maximize resources, boost productivity and cut operating costs.

“Exponential problems require exponential solutions.”  - Abhinva Chaudhary, Fero.Ai CEO and Founder

Automation (RPA)

Automating repetitive tasks and processes enables you to maximize resources, increase visibility and allows your business to scale. RPA also frees up capabilities, eliminates human error, and saves up to 65% costs*.  


Optimization of any one touchpoint, process or stakeholder across your supply chain is not sustainable. There’s no point making one link strong – you need to reinforce the entire chain in order to save time and cut costs. 


Visibility goes both ways. Automation and digitization enables visibility of your vendors’ progress, status and actions as well as offers visibility to your customers, enabling a frictionless customer experience.