Fero.Ai provides solutions for businesses that deal with complex logistics across all sectors, from freight forwarding to transportation. Labor-intensive enterprises with employees performing a high-volume of repetitive tasks stand to benefit the most from our technologies. Combining cutting-edge machine learning, automation and AI, we can help your organization streamline its operations, maximize its resources, and improve its profitability


Fero.Ai can provide you with a customized solution to help you manage your logistics. With our solution you can get visibility on your transport assets and manage your external transport vendors with a simple Dashboard and WhatsApp so you can communicate and manage at scale.

Freight forwarders

Modern technologies are disrupting the logistics industry and trying to eliminate middlemen from the supply chain. We believe freight forwarders are at the heart of the chain and our solutions help reduce market risk, remain agile, and prepare for freight 4.0 to provide Transport ERPs or “Plug and Play Uberization” software.

Carriers & Transporters

Our solutions enable you to connect with your customers and share data on locations, timings, updates and more. These solutions enable you to:

Achieve greater visibility of your lanes
Reduce fleet idle time
Capture data for your fleet, route & driver management to identify trends
Book more loads
Increase margins
Process everything from quotations to invoices with zero phone calls.

Everything on a single, optimized Control Dashboard

Manage all your tasks in a single-window solution:

Eliminate technology silos
Manage your fleet
Complete quotations, bids and orders
Get customized milestone updates
Create contracts, trip documents and invoices
Enable collaboration across internal and external parties

Unlock the power of automation and AI

Replace human tasks with automated machine intelligence so that your people can focus on value creation:

Improve coordination and communication
Eliminate human inefficiencies
Save time and cut staffing costs
Drive productivity efficiency.

From quotation to invoicing in zero phone calls

Interact with your carriers through one online portal:

Eliminate manual communications
Streamline operations
Achieve seamless transactions
Zero phone calls, emails or messages from start to finish.

Use your data in a meaningful way

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Our solutions process your data and display it in an easy-to-interpret way so you can benefit from its powerful insights

Communicate in a natural manner

TiA can be integrated with WhatsApp or voice-enabled to support you with the execution or extraction of data and reports.

Manage in-sourced transport as well as out-sourced transport services in an optimal manner